About Us 
The MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc. (“MIT”) is a highly qualified, competent and performance driven company with innumerable years of experience and expertise helping companies, institutions and organizations realize successful outcomes. Our up-to-date solutions enable us to offer the fullest assurance that you are interacting and dealing with a company whose exceptionally wide experience and myriad of expertise give you the competitive edge to problem-solve, resolve conflicts and disputes and maximize overall performance.
Our team of investigators, mediators, consultants and associates brings to every engagement a keen awareness of the social context, political and environmental factors affecting the workplace, institutional and organizational culture and a genuine ability to resolve our clients’ or customers’ issues. At MIT, we fully support you every step of the way in problem framing-solving, investigation, mediation, workplace restoration, program conceptualization, design and implementation, project management, training, and reliable aftercare support.
Our Mission
At MIT, we aim continuously to provide services that are:
  • Alternatives to lengthy and costly litigation
  • Fair and impartial investigations based on relevant facts and evidence
  • Effective, creative and mediation-centered processes in which disputing parties can resolve conflicts expediently and amicably
  • People-oriented and focused
  • Transparent and informed by industry ‘best practices’
  • Inclusive of and employ a range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups
  • Policy focused, in-depth and supported by evidence based data and research
  • Efficient, culturally specific and relevant, and performance driven 
  • Economically viable
Our dedicated and reliable investigators, mediators, consultants and associates work collaboratively, efficiently and effectively to provide services customized to your specific needs. Our ultimate aim at MIT is the creation of a work, institutional or organizational culture which values and includes all people to perform optimally.
At MIT, we acknowledge that our clients and customers strive to make the best use of all available resources and deliver services with maximum effectiveness. We focus continuously on doing the best job for our clients and customers while delivering outcomes with unquestionable confidentiality, neutrality, competency, integrity, credibility and the highest level of professionalism.
 Your success equals our success 

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