Team Biographies 

Our investigators, mediators, consultants, trainers and associates are among the most talented in the mediation, investigation, training, workplace restoration and human rights fields. It would be our pleasure to put our myriad of experiences and extensive expertise to work for you.

Eva R. Lloyd:

  • Eva R. Lloyd (“Eva”) is a partner in the MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc., specializing in mediation, investigation and training. For over 25 years, Eva has been working in the area of human rights, race relations,social justice, equity, community development, public education and volunteerism. She possesses excellent case  management skills and practices and steeped in the interpretation and application anti-discrimination/harassment  legislation and policies.
  • Since 2009, Eva has been the Senior Investigator with MIT. As Senior Investigator and Consultant, Eva has provided mediation and workplace investigation services to major clients such as the Ontario Public Service, Legal Aid Ontario, Public Health Ontario, Toronto District School Board, Peel District School Board, and Canadian Union of Postal Workers, pursuant to the Canadian Human Rights Act, Ontario Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act [Bill 168].
  • Eva has also provided mediation, workplace investigation, training and workplace restoration for not-for-profit and other major organizations in Ontario.
  • Prior to joining MIT, her most recent employment was with the Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Human Rights Commission (“Commission”) in the Investigation and Mediation Branch. In her role as a Human Rights Investigator at the Commission, Eva handled a caseload of up to 60 human rights individual, complex and multi-faceted complaints and processed approximately 45 annually. In her role as a Human Rights Investigator, Eva also assessed human rights complaints pursuant to the Human Rights Code and other legislation, designed investigation plans, gathered evidence oral/documentary, investigated, conciliated complaints, identified and mediated conflicts and tension within the employment and service sectors and communities.
  • Eva is also versed in the assessment and analysis of evidence, writing reports and making recommendations based on the findings of investigations.
  • Eva holds a degree from York University in Sociology as well as a diploma from Ryerson University in Social Work. 
  • Eva also holds the Ontario Public Service Advanced Project Management Certificate (2008/2009) and a certificate in mediation.
  • Eva possesses excellent oral and written communication skills.
 Slavo M. Johnson:
  • Slavo M. Johnson (“Slavo”) is a partner in the MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc. Slavo is currently the MIT Director of Operations.
  • Slavo is an executive and management consultant with over 25 years of business experience in the private and public sectors; including over 20 years with Bell Canada where he held several senior management positions.
  • Slavo has worked in a management consulting role with several fortune 500 companies throughout his successful and distinguished business career. For example, he has worked with CIBC, TD Canada Trust, BMO, and Canada Life. With these companies, he directed and led their management teams through performance optimization programs that involved the development, implementation and growth of a management infrastructure which supported customers’ key, pre-defined business objectives.
  • Slavo has a strong understanding of business operating principles and is qualified to consult in-needs analysis and solutions designs; process improvement and performance management; investigation and mediation; facilitation and change management; employee development and coaching; project management and process mapping; customer experience; and quality improvement management.
  • Slavo has been a partner and consultant with MIT since 2009. In his role at MIT as Director of Operations, he has provided consulting services to institutions and organizations such as the Ontario Public Service, Toronto District School Board, Peel District School Board, Canadian Union of Postal Employees and Black Creek Community Health Centre.
  • Slavo holds a Masters Degree from York University in Business & Economics. As well, Slavo is certified in Advanced Performance Management, Business Operations Review and Executive Coaching Principles from the Bell Institute of Professional Development.
  • Slavo possesses excellent oral and written communication skills.
Neil P. Edwards:
  • Neil P. Edwards (“Neil”) is a partner in the MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc. He is currently the MIT Director, Quality Assurance. He ensures that all services provided by MIT meet the highest quality standards based on our clients’ and customers’ needs.
  • Neil is a social worker by profession. He is also a human rights specialist and practitioner whohas led and conducted investigations and mediations within major institutions and organizations. He is a knowledgeable, skilled and competent human rights practitioner, investigator and mediator honed through his years of leading and conducting investigations and resolving workplace disputes and conflicts.
  • Neil is a former career public servant with the Ontario Public Service (“OPS”) and held several managerial and leadership positions in the OPS. He has over 30 years’ experience and expertise in the public and private sectors in middle and senior management in areas such as administrative law, social justice, and human rights/equality rights analysis and policy related work/implementation; including human rights case management.  
  • Neil was also the Director of Mediation and Investigation, Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Human Rights Commission (“Commission”). In this position, he played key roles in the development of several Commission policies for interpreting and applying the Code to complaints (now “Applications”) alleging breaches of the Code. For example, the Commission's: “Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination” and “Policy and Guidelines on Disability and the Duty to Accommodate.” In 2003, he was the recipient of the Commission’s Employee Excellence Award in Leadership.
  • Neilspecializes in leading and providing services in mediation, complex and systemic workplace investigations, human rights training and development, human rights policy development and implementation, human rights organizational systems’ designs, performance management and coaching, mentoring and workplace restoration
  • Neil possesses extensive and advanced knowledge of and application of human rights/equality rights theory, case law, and methods and standards.  His specialization and expertise are in the interpretation and application of human rights laws and other legislations; for example, the Ontario Human Rights CodeCanadian Human Act, Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act [Bill 168], Employment Standards ActWorkplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA); and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).
  • Neil possesses advanced specialization and expertise in conducting individual, complex, and systemic investigations in large multi-faceted unionized organizations, and in the interpretation and application of collective agreements, and internal organizational workplace anti-discrimination and harassment policies. He also provides coaching, mentoring, sensitivity training and workplace restoration for major educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Neil’s experience and expertise include advanced and superior knowledge about and application of jurisprudence to issues and complaints of discrimination, harassment, and poisoned work environment. As a human rights practitioner and specialist, Neil lectures publicly on human rights issues and particularly, the Human Rights Code. He also delivers human rights education in general to employers, service providers and a variety of organizations, institutions and community groups in Ontario and other provinces to assist them in the prevention of human rights issues, enabling diversity and inclusion.
  • Neil's formal educational achievements include degrees from Concordia University in Montreal and the University of Toronto; and a myriad of professional courses and development.
  • Neil possesses excellent oral and written communication skills.
Susan Tamar Joanis: B.A.,LL.B
  • Susan Tamar Joanis (“Susan”) is an Investigator in the MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc., specializing in the investigation of workplace discrimination, harassment, and poisoned work environment complaints pursuant to the Canadian Human Rights Act, Ontario Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act [Bill 168].
  • Susan has conducted numerous workplace investigations for institutions and organizations such as the Ontario Public Service involving discrimination and harassment, disability and the duty to accommodate.
  • Susan is quite advanced in her knowledge about the purpose and application of human rights and other legislations, internal workplace anti-discrimination policies and harassment issues.
  • Prior to joining the MIT team, Susan has worked in several distinguished capacities. For example, Susan has worked as a Policy Analyst for the Ontario Human Rights Commission and as a Human Rights Investigator for the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, Winnipeg. In addition, Susan held the position of Director, Equality Rights Program in the Court Challenges Program of Canada (Winnipeg).
  • Susan also works as a Freelance Editor, Human Rights Consultant and Translator. She speaks and read French.
  • Susan has performed work for the Lorimer Productions, Peel District School Board, Jewish Annual Year Book, Canadian Human Rights Reporter, Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) and Canadian Disability Rights Council (now the Council for Canadians with Disabilities).
  • Susan possesses over 20 years experience in human rights law and its application, human rights/equality rights analysis and policy development, and extensive knowledge of human rights/equality rights theory and case law. 
  • Susan holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (LLB) from the State University of New York at Buffalo Law School and a Bachelor of Arts - Comparative Literature from the State University of New York at Binghamton.
  • Susan possesses excellent oral and written communication skills.
Olanyi Parsons,B.A.,LL.B
  • Olanyi Parsons (“Olanyi”) graduated from the University of Windsor Law School. He is a lawyer who was called to the Ontario Bar. Olanyi practices law in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the area of human rights, employment and labour law. 
  • Olanyi assisted in drafting a racial profiling policy for an Ontario police service and co-authored a position paper on racial profiling for the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association while in law school. 
  • Olanyi was also the President of the Black Law Student Association Windsor Chapter.  In this role, Olanyi addressed issues of social justice, race-relations and equity on campus.
  • Olanyi is an Investigator in the MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc., specializing in the investigation of workplace discrimination and harassment complaints pursuant to the Canadian Human Rights Act, Ontario Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act [Bill 168].
  • On behalf of MIT, Olanyi provides workplace discrimination and harassment investigation services to the public and private sectors, large and multi-faceted institutions and organizations; including the Ontario Public Service and Mohawk College.
  • Olanyi is quite advanced in his knowledge and interpretation of human rights laws, anti-discrimination and harassment legislations and policies, and the purpose and application of internal organizational workplace policies, and collective agreements.
  • Olanyi worked for six years with the Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Human Rights Commission as a Human Rights Investigator in the Mediation and Investigation Branch prior to commencing his legal career. In the capacity of Human Rights Investigator, Olanyi was responsible for investigating, conciliating and mediating human rights complaints filed with the Commission. In particular, he handled cases involving government ministries and employers, school boards, police services, colleges and universities.
  • Olanyi possesses excellent oral and written communication skills.
Amelia Golden,B.A.,LL.B
  • Amelia Golden (“Amelia”) was called to the Ontario Bar after graduating from Queen’s University School of Law with an LL.B in 1992.
  • Amelia received her undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto. She currently practices employment and human rights law as a sole practitioner. 
  • Amelia is an Investigator in the MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc., specializing in conducting workplace investigations and harassment complaints pursuant to the Canadian Human Rights Act, Ontario Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act [Bill 168].
  • Amelia also conducts training in procedural fairness, investigation techniques, and workplace restoration/restorative justice. 
  • Amelia possesses advanced and thorough understanding and interpretation of human rights statutes, anti-discrimination/harassment policies and collective agreement; as well as expertise in the nuances of investigative techniques.
  • Amelia has extensive knowledge and experience in the theory, application and practice of human rights law. As a human rights practitioner and investigator, her passion and dedication are to advance and promote human rights and equality for all. She performs this work with the highest regard for procedural fairness, which guides her throughout her professional endeavours.
  • Amelia performed human rights work for large, complex, multi-faceted and unionized organizations such as conducting workplace harassment and discrimination investigations for the Peel District School Board and York University, prior to joining the MIT team.
  • Amelia was also a Community Relations Coordinator for the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada. She also worked as an employment and human rights lawyer in private practice and a Senior Policy Analyst for the Ontario Government. 
  • Amelia also had the opportunity to head a 40 person internal mediation program, implement restorative justice programs and performed training in human rights and procedural fairness at the York University, Ontario.
  • Amelia was an honouree for the 75 anniversary of Person’s Day from the City of Toronto. With this award, she was recognized for her outstanding work with women’s issues. Amelia has also sat on numerous boards and community advisory groups for organizations working in the field of Human Rights.
  • Amelia possesses excellent oral and written communication skills.

Devika Ratnayake, B.A.,LL.B

  • Devika Ratnayake (Devika) is a practicing lawyer. She graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2005. She was called to the Bar in Ontario in 2006 and is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, the Canadian Association of Workplace Investigators, the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Bar Association.
  • Devika began her legal career at a pre-eminent boutique litigation firm in Toronto and expanded the scope of her legal practice to assist clients resolve legal issues through proactive approaches and alternative dispute resolution processes. She has appeared before several courts and administrative tribunals including the Federal Court of Canada, the Superior Court of Justice, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal and all levels of the Immigration and Refugee Board.
  • Devika is also a workplace investigator, mediator, and part-time Member of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO).  As an experienced workplace investigator for more than 10 years, Devika has conducted numerous individual, complex and systemic human rights investigations in the private and public sectors, including at the Ontario Human Rights Commission, municipal governments, post-secondary institutions and social services organizations.
  •  A significant part of Devika’s investigation practice focuses on the complexities and often intersecting grounds of race, sex, gender and gender identity. She has extensive experience conducting race-based complaints including anti-Indigenous and anti-Black racism and islamophobia in the employment and service areas. Devika also has a thorough understanding of critical race and anti-oppression theories and applies these in her investigations.  
  • In addition, as a consultant within the government and retail industries, including the City of Toronto and Canadian Tire Corporation, she has provided counsel in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces on a wide spectrum of workplace and human rights matters, conflict resolution strategies and equity issues. 
  • Devika also holds a Bachelor of Arts from York University, a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from York University, a Certificate from the Association of Workplace Investigators and a Certificate in Community Mediation from the St. Stephen’s Community House.  She volunteers at the York Region Community Housing Mediation Services in her spare time. 
  • As a valued member of the MIT Team, Devika prides herself in providing high-quality and timely workplace investigation services that are impartial, equitable and able to withstand the highest level of legal scrutiny.

Tara Jackson, B.A.,MEd

  • Tara Jackson (Tara) is an experienced and outstanding Investigator, Mediator, Conciliator, and Human Rights Practitioner with over 26 years providing investigations and mediations to the public and private sectors. She has been a career Public Servant with the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and her specialty includes providing investigation services to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Correctional Services, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Her expertise includes advance knowledge and application of critical race and anti-oppression theories.  
  • As an outstanding human rights specialist, Tara’s experience includes administrative law enforcement of the Ontario Human Rights Code. She has investigated and mediated hundreds of human rights cases in Ontario resulting in cutting edge decisions and has advanced the cause of human rights in the province. For example, she has led investigations and mediations dealing with anti-Indigenous and anti-Black racism, racial profiling, sex, gender, gender identity (sexual harassment, cuts to medical services available to Transgender communities, race-based decisions involving the Safe Schools Act,disability-related decisions involving major transit operators serving persons who are blind, and movie theatres serving the needs of persons who are deaf or hard of hearing) and the intersection of these issues.  
  • Tara has held several positions and performed in roles such as Director, Manager, Registrar, Special Advisor and Project Co-ordinator. She also possesses extensive work experience in correctional services, human resources, and audit, which involved working with attorneys handling human rights tribunal cases, and working on award-winning teams handling policy advancement and human resources work. In her respective roles and responsibilities, she has acquired invaluable experience investigating cases of wrongdoing, breaches of code of conduct, professional standards and ethics, and has worked extensively with the OPS’ internal harassment and discrimination prevention units in a variety of management and advisory positions. In these roles, Tara brought her expertise and management skills to overseeing investigations, mediations and workplace restoration projects. Tara’s in-depth involvement with the Ontario Government’s internal Respectful Workplace Policy has led to her sound knowledge and application of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  
  • Tara is a trainer, who created and presented diversity training to hundreds of managers and front-line employees. She trains and assists employers, unions and organizations in the creation of workplace harassment and workplace violence policies. She possesses oral and prolific analytical writing skills honed via education and a wealth of case management experiences, including working on the advisory team, which created a new racial discrimination policy for the province of Ontario. 

Dr. Erica S. Lawson

  • Erica S. Lawson (“Erica”) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at The University of Western Ontario.
  • Erica completed her PhD in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto (OISE/UT)
  • Erica teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in gender and feminism and has a track record of working in the areas of critical race and equity studies
  • She has worked as a Social Scientist as well as a Consultant in collaboration with community-based organizations, school boards, and government ministries to address racial and other forms of discrimination through public policy. In this capacity, she has conducted research, written reports, and drafted policies informed by anti-racism theory and practice to shape responses to issues such as,  a) policing and criminal justice, b) the Safe Schools Act,  c) Africentric Education in Ontario, and d) HIV/AIDS, health, and equity
  • Erica is well versed in intersectional forms of oppression in social life and how these are used to institutionalize power and privilege.
  • Erica provides qualitative, exceptional research/consultation on issues, not limited to, discrimination, harassment and workplace violence, and the intersection and impact of these issues within systems, institutions, and organizations, and upon groups and individuals.
  • Erica has been part of the MIT team since 2009.

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