Service Offerings 

MIT specializes in dealing with human rights issues and development of anti-discrimination and
harassment policies. Where alleged violations occur, we can assist you to deal with these claims and
with respective human rights systems. Below is a compilation of the MIT Service Offerings. A brief
synopsis is provided on each offering. However, we can customize other engagements to address
your unique customer needs and challenges.
Human Rights Education and Learning
Human rights laws recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every person and provide for equal rights
and opportunities without discrimination. Human rights laws aim to create a climate of understanding
and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of each person, so that each person feels a part of the
community, organization, or institution. The MIT experts can educate your organization to deal with
issues of discrimination and harassment and your obligations under relevant human rights legislation.
Policy Review and Development
MIT is skilled in the review and development of policies. We can review existing human rights policies
resulting in the implementation of an updated internal human rights complaint resolution mechanism.
Our review may include recommended changes to your organization’s existing policies or the
development of new anti- discrimination and harassment policies. We can also train your organization
to avoid human rights violations.
Human rights laws protect all persons from discrimination and harassment based on factors such as
gender, disability, race, language, family status, gender, sexual orientation and so on. Unfortunately,
discrimination and harassment occur irrespective of human rights laws. MIT can provide your
organization or institution with up to date expertise in the investigation of allegations of discrimination
and harassment resulting in satisfactory clarity that gave rise to the issues.
MIT offers mediation services. Mediation is an intervention in a dispute in order to bring about an
agreement between parties. It is an alternate form of dispute resolution used to resolve conflicts in
modern day workplaces, organizations and institutions. MIT is equipped to provide your organization
with mediation expertise, skills and techniques to resolve a wide range of disputes and conflicts. In
its mediation practice, MIT focuses on results using relevant and current mediation principles and
Workplace Violence and Harassment (Bill 168)
Workplace violence and harassment are now prohibited by law; Bill 168. MIT offers workshops
specifically designed to educate and train managers about their obligations under the Bill and how to
prevent violence and harassment in the workplace. MIT customizes training on how Bill 168 impacts
the workplace and how to comply with the requirements of the Bill.
Inclusion,Diversity,Equity and Accessibility (I.D.E.A)  
MIT applies its expertise to make your organization more: Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable and Accessible.
We give organizations the tools to reap the real and full benefits of an inclusive, diverse, equitable and
accessible workplace by offering a new and critical understanding of IDEA. A more inclusive, diverse,
equitable and accessible workforce increases organizational effectiveness, lifts employee morale, brings
greater access, new segments of the marketplace and enhances productivity. In short, MIT can make
IDEA good for your business.
Human Rights Systems Design
Internal human rights mechanisms are crucial in your obligation to uphold and apply human rights
legislation and protect the legal human rights of employees in the workplace and services. MIT uses its
expertise to assist your organization in the design of internal resolution mechanisms, processes and
procedures to avoid and handle human rights issues and claims. MIT customizes internal resolution
mechanisms specifically for your organization. We feature policies, guidelines and effective complaint
resolution processes and procedures in our design.
Systems Reviews
Systems reviews are essential for understanding where the gaps are in your organization and what is
needed to fill them. Conducting systems reviews are essential in the identification of barriers and in
the understanding of knowing where the gaps are in meeting employee or service needs. MIT offers
employment, service and other reviews within your organization specific to your needs and culture.
Research and Report Writing
Research is often crucial in the identification of issues and challenges. In our work, we can customize
a research project to meet your business and operational needs and provide you with a comprehensive
report of our findings and recommendations.
Performance Management
MIT applies its expertise and experience to explore tools and techniques in developing models to improve,
enhance or manage performance. MIT believes that the key driver in any successful performance
management scheme is to introduce the relevant performance management practices and processes that
are properly aligned to, and support your business strategies and goals. It is about ensuring that your
resources are firing on all cylinders to maximize performance.
Workshop Delivery and Training
MIT delivers workshops in which participants are involved in group discussions organized around one or
more thematic areas. In our workshops, we allow participants the “safe space” to respectfully offer a
diversity of opinions, values and priorities to build common understandings of problems, challenges and
issues confronting them and arriving at consensus on solutions. We offer training in which participants
work individually or in groups to collectively solve problems and issues enabling them to gain
People Development - Coaching & Training Programs
MIT will help your organization to develop a continuous performance improvement work culture through
ongoing training, development and coaching to identify gaps in knowledge and skills of front line employees
and management. We tailor our programs to the specific needs of your organization based on the current
level of individual needs and the collective competencies of the organization.
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