I have recently used the services of MIT (Global) Consulting Group Inc. and found their expertise
and experience relating to the Ontario Human Rights Code exceptional. I am not in the habit of
recommending services that I have used to others; however, I am making an exception and recommend
the MIT group as a resource organization to deliver on the new training requirements as mandated
by the Toronto Police Service for the health care sector.
Delores Lawrence; O.Ont, MBA, RN
President & CEO
NHI Nursing & Homemakers Inc.
On numerous projects including policy reviews, setting diversity targets for major organizations and
institutions, and conducting workplace reviews and human rights investigations, DiversiPro has partnered
and collaborated with MIT’s consultants, mediators and investigators.

MIT’s team is exceptionally professional, steeped in their knowledge, expertise, qualification and experience,
and a company which prides itself in delivering the highest standard of service for customers and clients.

DiversiPro is enormously pleased to be associated with MIT and to continue engaging collaboratively with
this outstanding team of professionals.

Hamlin Grange
President and Principal Consultant
Nautical Management Services Limited (NMSL) is exceptionally pleased to provide this testimonial on behalf of Neil P. Edwards of MIT (Global) Consulting Group, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On numerous occasions, we have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. Edwards in the provision of consulting services to our company. 

Mr. Edwards has provided coaching, mentoring and other high quality consulting services to our company. He is pleasant to work with, insightful, articulate, analytical, and delivers service in a timely and professional manner. Most importantly, his expertise, qualification and years of experience have been tremendously invaluable in assisting us to provide the highest quality of services to our customers and clients.

Paula Spencer, Director

NMSL, Antigua and Barbuda

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Include both the Public and Private sectors - Government; Unions; Small, Medium and Fortune
500 companies.
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